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This is Christ’s church.  There is a place for you here.
DOVE OF PEACE LUTHERAN CHURCH Statement of Mission, Vision, and Values (effective January 1, 2011) MISSION The Holy Spirit gathers us into a community that enthusiastically claims and shares our experience of God’s Grace. VISION Our congregation will be a sanctuary for religious refugees, a champion for the oppressed, and a fellowship of inclusivity and authenticity, boldly proclaiming God’s Grace to the world. VALUES (1) PERSONAL STORY. Our members have had profound experiences of God’s Grace. We intentionally share and hear those stories, and we witness so that others may come to know God’s Grace. (2) SERVICE. In response to God’s unconditional love, our members serve particular needs in our community and on our planet. We invite others to join us in service to the Tucson community and to the world. (3) ECUMENISM. God’s Grace has many expressions. We celebrate the uniqueness of our congregation, while we simultaneously work in harmony with other Christians and denominations to learn, to serve, and to proclaim Jesus Christ. (4) CREATION. Our members have experienced God’s Grace through the beauty and diversity of the environment. We witness to the Creator’s goodness by conserving and protecting the Sonoran Desert and the globe through our individual and collective actions. (5) WORSHIP. Our members have experienced God’s Grace through liturgical worship that is historically grounded and publicly accessible. We claim this experience of God’s Grace, and we share it with others through faithful contemporary interpretation. (6) MINISTRY OF THE LAITY. God has provided strong laity leaders and volunteers for his Church. Our Reformation heritage asserts that laity have both “vocation” and “priesthood.” We affirm and nurture the gifts, calling, and priesthood of the laity. (7) DIVERSITY. God’s Grace has touched our congregation through distinctive lives, stories, and relationships. We share that Grace as we extend hospitality to all people, and varieties of families and households. (8) INTENTIONAL RELATIONSHIP. Our members have experienced God’s Grace through one another in teamwork, friendship, and small groups. We intentionally and creatively foster relationship, with particular attention to the distinctiveness of different generations, including a fast-growing age group often overlooked by the Church: retiring Baby Boomers.
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