“I’m tired of pretending to be perfectly okay. I’m not.
Does church ever really mean that I can be myself?”

If you are seeking connection in a church community, Dove of Peace has some of the best parts of a family. We are a collection of people who have differing viewpoints, but are warm and friendly with each other, members of an authentic community.

In our worship services, we enjoy the flood of sunshine that bathes the altar, reminding us that God loves being with each of us as we are. We want you to feel comfortable with us as you are — flipflops, a coat and tie, tattoos, matching earrings and handbag. You, as you are.

Here you can share what is in your heart, or simply be present in silence. You may be comforted by the atmosphere of thoughtful compassion in our worship services. In times of loss or sorrow, our congregation’s resources are here for you; you can ask for prayers and know that your concerns are lifted up by caring hearts. Visit our Memorial Garden and feel its peace.

“I’m feeling vulnerable. I don’t want to stand up and introduce myself to a room full of strangers!”

Maybe your life needs some connections that aren’t based on “you scratch my back/I’ll scratch yours.” Here at Dove, we share sorrows and joys, in events like our Mardi Gras Mass, or in our springtime Jazz Under the Stars. In normal times (which we hope will be soon) we have fellowship lunches once a month, and of course we have coffee and conversations in our courtyard after worship. There’s a sweetness in those times that doesn’t just come from homemade cookies.

We don’t even think about perfection. We’re here for each other, and you can have a part of what we share.