Lulu Walker Elementary

402This school is down at the other end of Roller Coaster Road, but we think of it as “our school.”  This might seem a bit mysterious; we don’t really see these children at our services or events. But we know they are there, and we know they can use help; over 60% of the children qualify for the lunch program. And where there is a need, we have clear directions about being involved.

Our Social Ministry team actively campaigns to collect for Lulu Walker. We amass bins filled with backpacks and school supplies for the opening of the year. Our liaison person works with the school nurse to keep a cupboard at the school filled with underwear, sweaters, shoes and socks—so that shortfalls and accidents don’t keep a child from being well-dressed for the school day. When something more ambitious is needed, the nurse can call on us for special help, as we have a contingency fund just to benefit these children.

We’re not preaching to them; we see our help as simply being the love of God in their lives.