Partners & Advocacy


Because 2+2 can equal more than 4, we attempt to leverage our good works by working with others. Some of these organizations to which we contribute give direct help to those in need; Interfaith Community Services and Lutheran Social Services of the Southwest, for example. ICS runs a large food assistance program, and also provides job training, a ride service, and meals on wheels. Among its many services, LSSSW provides comprehensive help for refugees with clothing, furniture, job training and counseling.

We also participate with Pima County Interfaith Council, which represents a variety of faith communities in advocating for public policy that supports the concerns of the neediest citizens. This often means showing up at hearings before the City Council, or the County Board of Supervisors, to be a voice for those whose lives are directly affected by changes to tax structures, or transportation schedules, or “public nuisance “ ordinances. We like to think that this effort helps our public servants give their best service to the widest community.