At Dove of Peace, we really believe that Martin Luther had it right when he wrote that “Next to the Word of God, music deserves the highest praise. ”It’s the reason that music has such an important place in our choices, our budgetary and above-budgetary priorities.

“I know that music does something for me that nothing else matches. Does that have anything to do with God?”

We believe that our special calling at Dove of Peace is to make our outreach to the community in terms of the graces that music and art provide. Though art and music happen because humans work to create them, we think that God uses beauty to touch hearts, and to move us toward spiritual maturity, and even into contact with the divine.

The wonder of this lies in the very human areas of time, and practice, and money, as well as in the very material elements of pipes, keyboards, sheet music, color, and wind. Music making needs people, and at Dove this means that we encourage participation in choir, in bell choir, in hymn singing, in attentive listening.

“What is it that makes some spaces seem so special?”

In our beautiful space, designed to lift the spirits and engage us with each other, music naturally proclaims God’s rich goodness. Bells, organ, piano, guitar, brass choir — even marimba or Dixieland band — can carry the message of God’s delight in people, in you particularly.

Come and sit in this holy space with us. Relish the paintings on the eastern wall by artist Bill Behm that color the words of the Twenty-third Psalm. Join a choir. Sing the ancient chants and the old songs of the church’s history. Make some joyous sounds with new music. Delight in the talents of the professional musicians who perform in our free concert series. You will be changed by your participation.

That’s a promise.