Music & Arts

Why do we like the arts at Dove of Peace?

You could hear a lot of answers to this question if you ask around. But they might boil down to this: God loves beauty, and expressing beauty praises God.

We assert that the earth is God’s creation, so we know—right from the get-go—that God is into beautiful. Who knows that more than we do, living in this glorious desert, with mountains, sunsets, rain storms, wildflowers, and hummingbirds as part of our every day?

So we like to join in this “creating beauty” effort. One major way is music. We have staff musicians, and vocal groups, and a bell choir. Sometimes we have drums, maracas, vibraphone, piano, and even a Dixieland band for our Sunday services to mark Mardi Gras. We treasure the organ as a time-tested leader of group singing. We sing every chance we get, and often all five or six stanzas of a hymn. And our hymns are not only about praise; they teach, and console, and explain, and describe—AND praise. Our hymnal shows us that we’re part of a long history of the church: we’re the Now of today’s church, and probably we’re the Yesterday of tomorrow’s church. Music shows us our place in the parade.

We also decorate our worship space with fabric art. Some of these are highly traditional and have Latin names. It’s not necessary to know all the details, but only to recognize that they are special. Their brilliant colors, gold embroidery, and fancy fringe help us to know that in worship we are in a special place, a place set aside from everyday life. We also have large banners that mark the seasons of the church calendar, and tell us where we are. We have paintings and carvings that help us remember who we are: God’s hands at work in our world.

Everyone can be part of the beauty that we create and celebrate here. Each person has a talent to contribute to the whole. Newcomers do not have to wait for an invitation to participate; if you love what is beautiful, and love to praise God, you’ll find your spot.

Or, as the old song puts it,

“All God’s chilluns got a place in the choir,
Some sing low and some sing higher,
Some sing out loud on the telephone wire,
And some just clap their hands,
or paws, or anything they got: Now!”