324“Since marriage existed from the beginning of the world and is still found among unbelievers, it cannot possibly be called a sacrament of the New Law and the exclusive possession of the Church. The marriages of the ancients were no less sacred than are ours, nor are those of unbelievers less true marriages than those of believers.”  – Martin Luther, The Babylonian Captivity of the Church (1520)

Lutherans strongly affirm the value and purpose of marriage for the good of human life and society.  And yet we do not believe that it is exclusively and essentially Christian.  In other words, a wedding does not have to take place in a church, nor must it be led by a member of the Christian clergy.

Some Christians seek the blessing of God and the support of their community, and that is why they may ask our pastor to lead their wedding inside our church, or somewhere else.  Our congregation council allows our pastor to perform weddings at his discretion, including same-sex weddings.

Please contact our church office for more details.