You Are Here

unnamedMaybe “finding a church” is a new idea for you. Maybe it’s a last resort. Maybe you’ve tried a lot of things to bring meaning, or depth, or purpose—or something —to your life. You’ve landed on this page for your own reasons, which we can’t begin to guess. But let us tell you what you might find if you encounter Dove of Peace in real life.

We are a gathering of people committed to several ideas, some of which can be stated in complex ways, but are very simple:
1.   God loves people, and wants people to know it, so the whole Jesus-to-earth mission is about that goal.
2.   People who accept this love want to thank God, and mostly do it in two ways: worship and service.

At Dove of Peace we do worship
• to thank God for everything that is good, and
• to ask for help in dealing with what isn’t good, and
• to support each other in life as it happens.

Worship is something we’re invested in, and serious about. There’s more about our worship practices under that heading on this site.

At Dove of Peace, we do service
• by making meals for homeless people, and
• by collecting socks and underwear and school supplies for our neighborhood school, and
• by giving about 400 pounds of food every month to a local food bank.

And lots of other activities, which you can find out about in other parts of this site.

We like to think of ourselves as welcoming, as open, as inclusive. We believe that we have something for you, but we’re equally sure that you have something to give us. If you come to be with us on a Sunday morning, you could let us know what you think.

And, whether you come or not, our prayers are that you will know and believe that God loves you. Believing that will change your life.