Tradition and Treasure

Our traditions are not our only treasures

What can you tell about Dove of Peace from this picture? Quite a lot, actually. These are the feet of one of our treasured helpers during worship. This kind of helper is called an acolyte, and this particular one is Stephen.

Why do we treasure him? Because he’s young, and most of us are not. But he’s patient with us, and we appreciate that.

We treasure our traditions: look at the lace on Stephen’s robe. An acolyte wears special clothes when performing the tasks during worship. The patterns for these robes come down to us from a long history of the church’s interest in making worship a special time. And at Dove of Peace, we cherish this long history. We keep many of its traditions going, and we burnish them, and keep them fresh, and when we are in their presence, we feel blessed.

But just as much, we treasure what is new. Look at those great shoes! They’re not part of the church’s history, but they can be part of its future.  We love our traditions, but we’re not stuffy about them.  We are a group, a congregation, a gathering, a body. And every individual person—old, young, new, experienced, wise, broken, or whole—brings a treasure to that gathering.